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Kenya Homes Expo – 14th – 17th April 2016

Greenspan will be attending the 23rd homes expo from the 14th to 17th of April at KICC. Come and interact with us.

Open day – 23rd and 24th April 2016

Last chance to own a house at Greenspan as we are now selling the last phase of the estate. Great discounts for Bookings made on the open day and throughout the month of May.

January 2016

Phase 6 Maionettes Show house ready for viewing

March 2015

Phase 6 ground breaking

December 2014

Phase 4&5 ready for occupation few units remaining

September 2014

Buy a 3 bedroom apartment cash and get kshs.100,000/- off

August 2014

Open day 23rd and 24th August , Book within the month of August and get a kshs.150,000 discount.

June 2014

Phase 4 currently being occupied, few units remaining

Phase 5 - Expected to be ready from October this year, few units remaining.

April 2014

Open day on the 5th & 6th of April 2014-Book within the month of April and get a cash Discount of kshs.100,000/-

January 2014

Phase 5 maisonettes show house furnished and ready for viewing.

14th November 2013

Greenspan are attending The 18th Homes Expo on The 14th October – 17th November at the KICC. We hope to see you There!

Open day 22nd & 23rd June 2013

Great give away and huge discounts for bookings during the day. Come and find out everything you need to know about Greenspan Estate, our various products and Also what you need to qualify for a mortgage.

May 2013 - Phase 4 Show House

3 bedroom show house furnished and ready for viewing

March 2013 - Phase 5 Ground Breaking

Phase 5 Maisonettes Ground Breaking in March 2013!

5/09/2012 - Phase 4 Ground Breaking

We have now broken ground for Phase 4!

9/07/2012 - shopping Mall

Greenspan Mall is now fully operational come visit us!

7/07/2012 - Shopping Mall

Grand opening of the Greenspan Mall and the launching of the 10 week raffle!

11/04/2012 - Phase 3 Completion

Cluster 3 of Phase 3 Maisonettes are now ready for occupation!

5/01/2012 - Phase 3 Completion

Cluster 2 of Phase 3

4/01/2012 - Shopping Mall

Several shops at Greenspan Mall are now open including Tuskys, Bank of Africa, Bata, Phone link and GoTV. Come visit!

10/12/2011 - Phase 4 Apartments

We are now taking bookings for Phase 4 – a new phase of Apartments!

10/11/2011 -Tuskys opening

Tuskys have now opened in the Shopping Mall! Go Visit!

26/08/2011 - Apartments Sold Out

All 110 apartments are now completely sold out! Greenspan are looking at a new design for the next Phase of apartments. We are aiming to break ground in early 2012.

Phase 3

Construction of Phase 3 Maisonettes (103 units) commenced in January 2011 and is expected to be complete in December 2011. 51% of the units have been sold!

1/ 07/ 2011- Prizes For Buyers

we are offering a 32” TV and 2 door fridge to all purchasers for select units.

02/ 01/ 2011- Phase 3 commences

We have commenced construction of Phase 3 with a 12 month planned construction period. These units are being sold Kshs 8.5m with a discount for cash buyers.

23/12/2010 - Greenspan Mall Booking

We are now receiving bookings for letting space in the Greenspan mall.

23/10/10 - Phase 3 Maisonettes

We are currently receiving bookings for Phase 3 of the maisonettes, of which construction is due to commence in January 2011. The selling price for these units are Kshs 8.5m

6/10/10 – 12th Homes Expo

Greenspan are attending The 12th Homes Expo on The 7th October – 10th October at the KICC. We hope to see you There!

14/9/10 – Greenspan Comes To London!

Greeenspan are proud to announce that we will be attending the Kenya Diaspora Investment EXPO in London between the 1st – 3rd October. The event will be held at the Cumberland Hotel, in Marble Arch between 9am – 5pm. If you live in The UK please come visit us!

11/8/10 - Open Day

Following the success of our open days in June, Greenspan have decided to host open days on the 11th and 12th of September. Tell friends and family to come and meet the developers and the mortgage lenders! Complimentary  refreshments and snacks to be provided!

11/8/10 - DSTV Cabling

Greenspan are proud to announce that we are installing DSTV cabling for the entire 277 units

8/8/10 - Internet Cabling for Apartments

Greenspan have stuck a deal to get the Apartment blocks installed with Internet Cabling. Access Kenya will provide the internet subscriptions

10/06/10 -Sunday Nation

Don’t miss our advert on page 8 of the Sunday Nation on The 13th of June!

3/06/10 - Open Day

Greenspan Housing are providing open days on the weekend of the 26th and 27th June 2010! Representatives of Greenspan Housing will be on-site from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to provide tours and information of the project. Complimentary  refreshments and snacks to be provided! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!