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about greenspan

Greenspan Housing have targeted the increasing middle-income market in an area of considerable growth. As the Kenyan economy grows and the middle class becomes richer, the demand for such housing is increasing quickly.

Maisonettes were originally being sold for KShs 6.7m in 2009, and the current price is KShs 11.05m – a capital appreciation of 65%!

The rents (achieved) are as follows:

  • Maisonettes                   Kshs 50,000 a month
  • 3 bedroom apartment       Kshs 37,000 a month
  • 2 bedroom apartment       Kshs 32,000 a month

Purchase process
  • Call us or email us to book a viewing
  • Select a specific mainsonette or apartment
  • Make a 20% booking and get a letter of offer for the unit
  • Return the signed letterof offer within 7 days
  • After the letter of offer is signed, the sale agreement and the lease are prepared by our lawyers for execution by the purchaser.
  • After execution these are stamped and lodged for registration at the lands office
  • Upon registration, our lawyers lodge for registration of the final ownership deed for the property one has purchased
Other Costs
  • Stamp duty                               4%
  • Legal fees                                 1-1.5%
  • Bank facilitation fees                   1%(if applicable)
  • Valuation fees                            0.5%