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about greenspan
The company

Greenspan Housing Estate was initiated by Greenspan Investments  Limited in 2008 to cater for Kenyans deprived by the lack of affordable housing options available.

Our vision

To provide Kenyans with quality housing facilities at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality, comfort and convenience.

Our values

  • 100% customer focussed
  • Quality and service over profits
  • Reliability
  • Environmentally conscious

The Project

Greenspan Housing Estate includes 456 maisonettes and 220 apartments.(click to view site plan)
Also part of the project is

  • A modern and attractively open-planned Shopping and Leisure Park including a major supermarket, over 70 shops and offices, numerous restaurants and 3 cinema screens.
  • A nursery school (subject to approvals)
  • A swimming pool and fitness centre(provisional)

Phase 1-61 units –SOLD OUT AND OCCUPIED
Phase 2-106 units-SOLD OUT AND OCCUPIED
Phase 3-103 units-SOLD OUT AND OCCUPIED
Phase 5-112 units-SOLD OUT AND OCCUPIED
Phase 6-74 units-Under construction to be ready from October 2016 , 54 units sold only 20 units remaining.


Phase 1-110 units(2&3 bedroom)-SOLD OUT AND OCCUPIED
Phase 4-80 units(2&3 bedroom)-Ready for occupation 75 units sold only 5 units remaining.
Phase 6-30 units(3 bedroom)-Under construction anticipated to be ready from October 2016.10 units sold , 20 units remaining.


The project will be protected by a tall boundary wall with electrical fencing. In addition, a private security company will be hired to provide numerous security guards providing a 24 hour service.


Greenspan considers the environment very seriously and the following considerations have been put into place

  • Solar-powered panels for each unit to provide water heating (currently for maisonettes)
  • A borehole on-site, which will lead to Greenspan Housing Estate being self reliant for water supplies
  • Rain water harnessing
  • Provisions for solar-powered street lights for the next phase
  • Lush greenery, with ample grass and trees planted
  • A naturally ventilated design allowing for constant air flow, reducing the need of fans and air-conditioners.